How Chinen Salt Manage Diabetes? (step by step)


It is effective material or product which is used in traditional Chinese medicine for treating Diabetes. After discovering it is used as an alternative medicine for Diabetes.

After reading this article you will get your answers to all your queries about Chinen Salt. 

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What is Chinen Salt??

This is Formed or made up of berberine chloride. Berberine Chloride is the orally bioavailable, hydrochloride salt form of berberine

quaternary ammonium salt of an isoquinoline alkaloid and active component of various Chinese herbs.

Chinen's name comes from the plant called Chinese goldthread(Coptis Chinensis).

Composition of Chinen Salt

Chinen salt contains Sodium chloride and Sodium Nitrate, there are few minerals also present which is




How Chinen Salt works on diabetes??

After studies found that berberine reduces the blood sugar level and this berberine is found in a high percentage in Chinen salt.

This increases the secretion of Insulin. Insulin is the main hormone that controls the sugar level in the blood. It allows your body to use glucose for energy. Glucose is a type of sugar found in many carbohydrates.

 It may also reduce glucose absorption and modulate gut bacteria that play a role in blood sugar regulation.

After the studies, it is found that the Chinen salt is similarly effective as metformin and other diabetes medicines.

How to use Chinen salt?? 

Chinen salt is commonly used in the form of Chinen salt capsules.

Consumption of Chinen as common salt is not the safe way but some companies marketing it as a

 replacement for normal salt but this is not safe because the dose is uncontrollable.

Benefits of Chinen Salt

Chinen Salt Prevent the Kidney Damage:- 

It is Commonly observed in Diabetes patients who Face kidney issues.

but berberine protects the kidney by regulating blood fat levels.

Control the Cholesterol level:- 

Cholesterol is a waxy, fat-like substance that's found in all the cells in your body.

Your body needs some cholesterol to make hormones. berberine controls the cholesterol to run this

 process normally.

Control the triglyceride level:-

Triglycerides are fats from the food we eat that are carried in the blood. Chinen salt control the

 triglyceride level.

Regulating blood fat levels:- 

Chinen Salt regulates blood fat levels.

Exhibiting anti-inflammatory effects:- 

The Chinen salt help to reduces inflammation.

Effects or Harms of Chinen salt

Generally Chinen Salt is safe because it is just a natural herb.

In some cases, there is stomach pain after consuming or taking a dose.

diarrhea is also a possible effect of Chinen Salt Use.

In some cases when the dose is taken by a normal person may cause lower 

blood sugar levels.

The high amount of consumption or use may affect the health. Any Excessive 

things affect your health.

Some time person has an allergy to this type of herb that may harm the person's health.

Safety measures for Chinen salt.

The Doctors and research say that the 3 gram per day is effective and safe. but there is not a surety about this. the Chinen providers suggest that the 1 gram per day is fine.

There is a lack of information is available for the long-term effects so the Children or the pregnant woman should avoid this or Consult with your doctor about this.

Take care that the non Diabetes person avoids this. this may lower the blood sugar level.

Where to buy a Chinen Salt??

There are so many brands and products are available in the market.

you can buy this from Amazon online or you can get it in the store also.


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