is corona gluten-free?Yes or No


Corona gluten-free

corona gluten free

There are so many thoughts about corona gluten-free or not in the markets, but today I will tell you the real fact about corona.

This drink or beer contains the barley grain gluten but manufacturers or producers make it very carefully that or pass that product with the various process that’s why the gluten count goes down and then tests below the 20 ppm.

But gov says that below 20 ppm is gluten-free that’s why corona beer is legally gluten free but I personally think that there is gluten no matter how much so corona is not gluten free…!

Guys I will recommend you to go for gluten-free drinks there are so many drinks are available.

A person who is sensitive or has an allergy to gluten they don’t go for a corona drink because it harms your health or makes you serious damage so takes care and stay aware.

People have some questions more about this.

  • is Corona refresca gluten-free??

           Ans. No

  • Corona refresca gluten-free??

            Ans. Corona refresca is not gluten-free


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