Importance of Safe Drinking Water

Drinking Water

Water is rightly equated with life because life is not possible without water. Water is considered synonymous with life. Water is the most essential ingredient in out life for survival. We (humans) can survive for several weeks without food, but without water we can not survive for even few days.

In this modern life (and polluted environment) it is important to drink and use safe water. But unfortunately in many parts of the world safe drinking water is not available for consumption. In this situation water purifiers play an important role, especially for household purification of water. Water should be pure from bacteriological point of view i.e. drinking water should be free from pathogenic organisms (bacteria, virus, fungus, ameba, and other harmful organisms), but drinking water should also be free from chemical pollution.

 To make water free from pathogenic microorganisms as well as from polluting chemicals water ionizers play an important role for household use. Tyent Water Ionizers are very useful for this purpose, to get safe and pure drinking water. This water ionizers use platinum-titanium plates for alkalization of water, which are very thick and produce ionized water for use. Tyent water ionizers also filter water as it is fitted with multiple (two) filters which filters water before ionizing it.

Tyent 7070 is another Tyent water ionizers with superior water ionizing and purifying capacity, which is fully automated and has 7 platinum-titanium plates for alkalization of water. Tyent 7070 has many additional add on facilities over other products of the company like automatic water shut off to prevent overflow of purified water, self cleaning and no maintenance, to name a few.

The above products also have a very long warranty period of up to 5 years.



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